We will fully administer your company’s drug and alcohol testing programs at or below the testing costs you are paying now while putting additional compliance controls and safety nets in place that only a DOT expert would understand the need for.


Our safety department outsourcing options cost significantly less than keeping the function in-house. Our clients tell us that we do the job at 35-40% of the in-house cost.


Transportation Safety Services and SafetyInfo Inc. have now partnered to bring our members the best of both worlds in safety. In the coming months, we will be working closely with SafetyInfo to develop even more trucking-industry- specific resources to help keep you DOT & OSHA compliant!

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Exciting News!

Transportation Safety Services and SafetyInfo Inc. have now partnered to bring our members the best of both worlds in safety.

As you know, TSS is recognized as the leader in providing the trucking industry’s need for accurate and affordable DOT safety and compliance solutions, while Safetyinfo.com is the longest running and largest OSHA Compliance Library with tools you need to develop and implement your accident prevention and OSHA safety requirements. 

Being a TSS member provides a variety of benefits, however, many of you recognize your need for OSHA compliance resources, too. Safetyinfo.com has over 9000 pages of safety material such as written safety programs, forms, documents, audit guides, checklists and even management software.  In their Training Section are safety handouts, Power Points, safety videos and talks and much, much, more…In the coming months, we will be working closely with SafetyInfo to develop even more trucking-industry- specific resources to help keep you DOT & OSHA compliant!

Our Services

FMCSA/OSHA Audit & Mock-Audit Services

• Perform periodic simulated audits – DOT and OSHA;
• Represent clients during audits – DOT and OSHA;
• Development of FMCSA corrective action plans (CAPs) – DOT;
• Negotiation of agency fines – DOT and OSHA;
• Safety rating upgrade plan development – DOT;
• Assessment of company Safety Management Controls – DOT;
• Workman’s comp program evaluations – OSHA;
• Development of accident prevention plans – OSHA.

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Safety Department Outsourcing Services


For the cost of around $52.50/driver/mo (subject to a $250 minimum), TSS will handle a client’s DOT compliance needs by letting clients participate in a “shared safety department” arrangement. The services under this arrangement include:

• Establishing and maintaining Driver Qualification Files for the company. Under the TSS program, once you decide to hire a driver, we make sure that all of the documentation to support the driver's qualification is obtained. To complete this process, TSS will (1) establish a complete driver qualification file for each driver, (2) run motor vehicle records for the company if necessary at time of hire and annually thereafter automatically, (3) complete all necessary previous employment verifications for the drivers within the required timeframe, documenting all attempts and information gathered, (4) verify that each driver meets the DOT physical qualification standards on an ongoing basis, including the coordination of DOT physical exams completed by certified personnel, (5) assist in the annual driver evaluation process including the annual driver's driving record review, listing of violations, and MVR process, (6) ensure that the company has current and up to date driver qualification forms each time the applicable regulations change, and (7) track all expiring documents in the driver file to issue reminders ahead of time.

• Auditing and monitoring the driver logs / time records for the company. Under the TSS program, we audit all logs submitted by the company and provide monthly management reports. As part of this program, we (1) scan each driver log submitted to verify compliance with the applicable violations (11/14/70 hour rule), (2) manually check each driver log for falsification against supporting documentation by running mileage on each log and verifying each fueling transaction, (3) verify that all logs are submitted for a driver and that none remain outstanding, (4) provide instruction about how to comply with hours of service regulations as they change periodically, and (5) verify that the daily vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) submitted with the logs have been completed.

• Administering the drug and alcohol testing programs for the company. Under the TSS program, we (1) coordinate and facilitate post-accident drug and alcohol testing programs 24 hours a day, (2) coordinate pre-employment drug testing, (3) administer the entire random drug and alcohol testing program through a consortium-based testing protocol, (4) coordinate all testing through a single laboratory and medical review officer (MRO) to simplify plan administration, (5) handle all annual reporting requirements with FMCSA, (6) fully support any questions that arise from administering the program, including the facilitation of EAP referrals, and (7) fully investigate a driver-applicant's previous drug and alcohol testing history as required by FMCSA.

• Performing all DOT required filings for the company, and representing your company during DOT audit events. Under the TSS program, we handle all of the filings that need to be made automatically for the company without the hassle of having to remember when each are due. The service includes (1) filing the MCS-150 updates periodically for the company as required or in the company's best interest, (2) filing all MCMIS management reports requested by DOT, (3) ensuring that carrier process agent filings remain current and on file with DOT so that your authority to operate vehicles is not negatively impacted, and (4) handling DOT audit events (and any related items) as they occur.

• Supporting certain maintenance, inspection, and repair functions for the company. Under the TSS program, we (1) track and maintain copies of the annual inspections for all trucks in the fleet, (2) remind the company when current inspections are due for renewal, (3) document and follow up on proof of repair for vehicle deficiencies indicated by the driver on this daily vehicle inspection report, (4) run periodic DOT carrier profile reports to track on-road performance for the fleet overall, (5) verify that out of service vehicles do not operate until repairs are completed and documented, (6) track the monthly maintenance reports submitted by independent contractors, (7) establish a system to document repair items for vehicle deficiencies discovered during roadside inspections, and (8) evaluate DOT roadside inspections for validity, filing Data Q challenges for improper write-ups as needed.

• Acting as your company's principal place of business for safety records. TSS will maintain all DOT required records at our facility, so that DOT audits take place here at our office without presenting a disruption to your business. This service keeps DOT auditors in a controlled and limited environment where they can't dig through every single document you might have there at your office. The service allows us to coordinate and handle the audit for you and ensures that your company is assigned the best DOT safety rating possible. We find that the chances of fines are also significantly reduced. TSS will work to defend you in accident-related litigation as necessary by consulting with your insurance carrier and defense counsel as necessary, and such defense support will be provided to them at reduced rates.

These are the main items handled under our full service retainer contracts. There are other miscellaneous support services not outlined.

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Expert Witness

• DOT/FMCSA safety and compliance expert;
• OSHA safety and compliance expert; 
• Commercial Vehicle Inspections – Truck and Bus. 

We don’t spend all of our time testifying about the industry in court, we service hundreds of fleets in the field and understand the way the trucking industry functions day to day, and what compliance obligations they have.


View our experts' Curriculum Vitae on our "Meet Our Staff" page.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing, Employee Physicals & Duty Fitness Examinations (TPA Service)

• Nationwide DOT and non-DOT employee testing program administrator;
• Coordinate, support, and administer DOT and non-DOT employee testing programs (pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, etc.);
• Seamless, efficient testing program coordination in multiple markets nationally;
• Development of FMCSA substance testing policy statements;
• DOT approved / recognized Consortium (multiple employer participant) testing pools;
• Reasonable Suspicion supervisory training;
• Coordination of DOT physical examinations (and other employee fitness evaluations, as needed) through national network of DOT Certified Medical Examiners;
• 24-7-365 coordination of Post-Accident DOT drug and alcohol testing;
• DOT drug and alcohol collector training / certification;
• Drug Free workplace programs.

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Data Q Challenges

• Professional challenges to a motor carrier or driver’s FMCSA accident or roadside inspection history, handled by former FMCSA personnel;
• Data Q services handled under monthly retainer contract for companies, with full review of all DOT accidents and roadside inspections that occur each month;
• Data Q services for individual drivers on a pay-for-service basis.

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Employee Training & Development Services

The following training subjects all related to DOT (FMCSA):

• Safety and compliance training (initial and remediation) on all FMCSR compliance matters for drivers, supervisors, or safety staff personnel;
• Driver safety meeting presentations;
• Commercial vehicle inspection / Annual Vehicle Inspector training and certification.

The following training subjects all relate to OSHA:

• Shop Safety Training – Forklift Training – Hazard Communication, safety data sheets – Fire protection, Fire extinguishers – lockout Tagout – machine guarding – bench grinders.
• Mandatory employee safety training & written compliance programs.
• Emergency action plan – for fire evacuations and Tornado emergency action plan.
• Load securement action plan for employees climbing on and off trailers.
• Confined space training.
• Fuel island safety.
• Warehouse safety procedures.
• New employee orientation safety training.
• Personal protective equipment, safety glasses, face shields, respirators, hearing protection.
• Industrial noise.
• OSHA 300 Log – record keeping of injuries.
• Electrical regulations – as it pertains to 29CFR. 1910.
• Fall protection for drivers climbing on top of loads – flatbed, tankers, chip haulers.

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Employee Background Checks

• Transportation Employment history;
• Criminal history;
• Credit checks;
• Hazmat employee and security screens;
• Motor vehicle records (MVRs);
• FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening (PSP) reports.

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